Our Approach to Pain Relief

Here at Pain Relief Clinic Cerritos, We take Pain seriously and we approach each condition whether its Low Back Pain that has been bothering someone for a week or Chronic Headaches and migraines they have had their whole life. 


We see many different types of conditions from Low Back Pain to Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff

Strains. Each Condition will have a root cause of why it is bothering the patient. 


When we see a patient for the first time, we get a thorough history of past injuries because they may have set the patient up for injury in the future or made the condition they are currently dealing with worse.


Once we have the Patients history we do several physical tests to see what nerves are being pinched and what muscles are too tight. This allows us to narrow down the root cause of the pain.


When we know where they pain comes from the we can come up with an accurate treatment plan that will resolve the pain that may include all or just one of the treatments we do in the office. Each treatment treatment plan is Customized to the patient and what will get them better the quickest.



Help Our Community Live Pain Free Naturally    

 Without Drugs or Surgery 

Our Goal

To Help As many people in our Community as Possible


Get Patients feeling Great as fast as Possible


always Clean, Friendly and Welcoming